Oh No! My son is the Grubmaster! What the heck is that?

The grubmaster is the patrol member who buys the food for the campout. He is responsible for obtaining all the items on the menu planning sheets while staying within budget. He will be working off of a menu and a food list prepared by his patrol. Shop with him to help him discover pricing, food quantities, serving size and quality. All perishable food should be placed in appropriate coolers (available from troop). All dry goods placed in lidded tubs or containers (available from troop) — do not bring your grub in supermarket bags.

Hey! My son just asked me to be an Old Goat. Should I be insulted?

Why of course not. Being an Old Goat is an honor. The Old Goat Patrol is an informal adult patrol made up of parents of the scouts. We participate in camping trips and service projects. Just ask a scoutmaster how to be an Old Goat and join us for all the fun of Scouting. This is a terrific way to become involved in scouting, without becoming a “helicopter parent.”

How can I help my son be successful in Scouting?

Scouting is not a destination – Scouting is a journey of discovery and fun. You can help your son best by allowing him to be more responsible for his participation. Coach him and help him, but don’t do it for him.

ALSO — The most active and successful scouts have parents who are involved in the troop. Become a member of the Troop Committee. Offer to be a driver. Join us on a campout. Talk to a troop committee member or a scoutmaster. It doesn’t take much time, and it will reap big rewards for your son. So become involved and help your son enjoy the journey of scouting.

Wow!  My son just crossed-over from Webelos and I am in interested in becoming involved as a troop leader.  What’s my next step?

Congratulations!  We are so happy your son has chosen to join Troop 146.   We are always delighted to have the assistance of supportive parents.  If you are interested in becoming a leader, we ask that you join us for a few campouts, attend several troop meetings, and a committee meeting or two.  That way you will know more about our troop program and our leadership policies.  Then we can discuss the options that are available to you.

I completed a rank or merit badge, but I didn’t receive it at the last Court of Honor. What happened?

If you didn’t receive your award, the reason is probably because although it may have been signed off in your book or on your blue card, you probably didn’t show it to Mr Bailey and ask him to put it into the TroopMaster computer record. All of your advancement is organized and tracked in TroopMaster, a program designed specifically for Scout advancement.  If it isn’t in the computer, you haven’t officially earned it.